About Niton Training

During the past twenty years, thousands of people have attended Niton Training Courses from diverse backgrounds all over the United Kingdom. We believe that we have significantly empowered our students to deal with conflict. Many have credited us with helping them to avoid injury and even saving their own lives and the lives of others. The prevalence of violence in our society is appalling; daily we see the results of physical violence, threats, harassment and intimidation. The only way to deal with conflict and avoid violence of any type is through knowledge and training.

Our programmes will change you and your staff in many ways giving you more skills and options to increase your personal safety. Confidence and productivity will be increased as will employee retention and morale. The understanding of body language signals and the use of verbalisation skills often reduces anxiety and prevents aggression resulting from confrontation. Understanding how to separate and control aggressors with the use of minimal force will reduce embarrassment, conflict, and injury.

Niton Training will teach you the principles, skills and techniques of recognising, reducing and managing violent and aggressive behaviour and provide humane and compassionate methods of dealing with aggressive people. We provide training programmes which based upon the techniques and guidelines taught to the civil police in the UK and USA, including compliance with the Human Rights Act 1998. We are an approved provider of Personal Safety Skills to a major Government Department and the NHS.

Our courses are designed for professionals in all areas of law enforcement, security and public and private services. Any training we deliver is lawfully accurate, health and safety compliant and as tutors we are qualified, accredited and recognised for the subjects we instruct and are insured to that effect. This therefore not only ensures competency but also will serve to reduce any organisational liability on you or your organisations behalf. Our courses cover from verbal and non verbal communication skills, through personal defence and safety skills to physical control skills , restraint, handcuffs and batons.

Customised training for your business and your unique problems will result in tailored, focused and cost-effective training. Our courses are designed to provide the Client with the most flexible, cost effective and discreet answer to their problems.

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